Website Toolz

w3schools I would never have made a single website without w3schools

dirtymarkup Handy site if you're anything like me and tend to get messy with your code.

Best Animations Very good and charmingly messy collection of GIFs. This site has animated backgrounds for your website and some nice clipart as well


Mydora A web player streaming from an archive of music saved before the shutdown of MySpace in 2009

LibGen Contains a bunch of books, helpful if you're a student and can't afford to pay a billion for books.


The Blood Zone A podcast where Liz Ryerson and a guest explore different media beyond surface value aesthetic, delving deeper into the 'blood' that flows through it.

Srsly Wrong Prepared audio content promoting utopian leftism, primarily Library Socialism, through explanation of actual theory, hyperbole, good jokes and fun sketches.

Lo-fi Let's Play (not actually a podcast, but I feel like it kind of serves the same purpose?) Using the pleasant lo-fi of her laptop microphone and desktop recording software, writer and narrative designer Leigh Alexander plays old adventure games while speaking about her relationship to them, her childhood computer memories and other topics inspired by playing the game.

Me drinking a glass of water for a while